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Peterman Reality Tour": a bunch of half-formed ideas crammed into an episode where the only notable element is George finally — finally — getting fired from the Yankees. It’s also notable as the first episode where George explicitly acknowledges his homophobia: "You're a little homophobic, aren't you? The dynamic between George and perpetual nemesis Lloyd Braun is always a treat, but other episodes explore it better than "The Gum," which largely and improbably focuses on Elaine accidentally exposing herself multiple times due to a faulty button. Kramer's first get-rich-quick scheme — a make-your-own-pizza restaurant — is the highlight of this otherwise-inconsequential early episode. Proof that, even in Seinfeld's universe, there's such a thing as too dark. That flawed premise led to 22 minutes with little more than frictionless dialogue. Jerry's weekend away with new flame Vanessa ends up being a sedate affair for him, Vanessa, and the viewers at home. It was tempting to call Seinfeld's first episode its worst: The pacing is molasses-slow, the dialogue is stiff, and the singular focus on Jerry's romantic life doesn't prove very interesting. Kramer's negligence — which leads to Jerry's apartment getting robbed — has implications for later seasons, but the gang's real-estate squabbling drags down the episode’s momentum and doesn't make for much of a plot. If only the rest of the episode delivered on this visual punch. " Elaine asks, to which he replies, "Is it that obvious? There was some decent physical comedy between Jerry and the offscreen canine Farfel, though. Meanwhile, George’s success in the stock market serves as a reminder that it's more enjoyable to see him lose than win. But the first-ever scene between Jerry and Kramer in the former's apartment is compelling enough to see why NBC brass decided to take a chance on the show. Listen to the whole podcast and try to answer the questions while you listen. Exercise Check your answers when you have finished. Remember this, because if you listen to the podcast again later (say next month), you can do the exercise again, and see if you have improved!

Take This Superfan Quiz Talking to the Seinfeld Writer Behind ‘Yada Yada Yada’ and ‘Double-Dipping’ Breaking Down the Multi-Billion-Dollar Seinfeld Economy In the interest of both helping novices prioritize and reminding veterans about forgotten jewels, we've ranked every episode in the series from worst to best. An episode so racially offensive that NBC had to apologize upon its airing, the second-greatest crime that "The Puerto Rican Day Parade" commits is simply not being funny enough. After four seasons spent using George's homophobia as a character flaw, the show wholeheartedly embraces gay panic as a plot device to a nonsensical, largely unfunny degree. "The Deal" packs at least one comedic punch — Jerry's birthday gift of 2 cash to Elaine — but this brief rom-com digression (which includes a seemingly out-of-character coffee-shop convo between Jerry and George about Elaine's sexual prowess) disrupts the considerable creative gains made at this point in the series. The introduction of the story arc where George's parents consider getting a divorce — complete with a cameo from a cape-wearing Larry David, as Frank Costanza's lawyer — provides more laughs than the titular woman. This is mostly a comedown episode following George's rushed engagement to Susan. Elaine singing "Witchy Woman" to her unamused boyfriend Brett is an inspired moment. What begins with George bungling a pilot deal with NBC after staring at the cleavage of the network honcho’s daughter ends with Elaine using her cleavage to manipulate that same boss into resurrecting the deal.

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You must redefine the "narrator" character to change the look of text with no characters speaking.

You must include the first variable for the name, but you can set it to "None" so that no one is shown to be speaking. To move text to the second line, place the \n tag right before the break.

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